I graduated last summer and, as a result, I suppose I firmly sit in the 'social media generation' category. I must have just started secondary school when Facebook gained popularity, and remember the hype around Twitter being the news platform revolution to end all revolutions.

I'm sure you'll agree we've recently seen news surface in droves, which represents some of the pressure schools are feeling to educate children about social media, the potential damaging effects of it and the mental well-being of our youth. Many parents don't know how they can tackle the issue and are desperate for guidance. 

In 10 years, current youth will form our most innovative and forward-thinking clients, who will be far better tapped into the world than ourselves. It might be worth putting hysteria to one side and focus our efforts on understanding their needs as consumers. Rather than assuming social media is ruining them, or they are ruining themselves, we should learn how to communicate the right messages and locate the middle ground. We need to guide them towards their future - not our past.