After gaining significant experience in one sector, it's easy to feel as though you've reached a peak. Or perhaps you worry you're too specialised, and pigeonholed into that specific area.

Something that has repeatedly struck me about working in PR and communications, even in a relatively short space of time, is just how translatable the skills are across different clients. Whether you're working in consumer, corporate or not-for-profit, the purpose of PR is still the same at its root - understanding your client and communicating their key messages.

As fast moving as PR can be, it's important to take the time to listen to your client, regularly read about their work and the industry around them, highlight the positive messages and get passionate about why they're in the business they're in.

Regardless of the sector, it's this enthusiasm for their work that gets through to journalists when you're pitching and when you achieve fantastic coverage stakeholders, donors and the general public.

Moving from one sector to another has its distinct benefits. Bringing unique skills into a new line of work can often refresh the messaging and bring it into a new context. It might be the case that a serious corporate story needs a creative consumer edge, and due to your past experience you're best placed to provide it. All it can take is one unconventional soundbite and suddenly you've achieved blanket coverage for your client.

Whether you're a specialist in tech, music or health and beauty PR, remember that at heart you're an expert communicator, and your skills are valuable tools across all sectors.