I've experienced more than my share of bad service in my time - from indifferent meals, to unacceptable waiting times, surly staff and businesses that didn't subscribe to the view that a customer's always right.

Despite this, I am one of the supposed 96% of unhappy customers that never thinks to complain having received unsatisfactory service.

Whilst I work in communications, and would have no problem asserting myself in a professional or social environment, when it comes to making a stand as a consumer, I just don't have it in me.

Maybe it's the fact that I've always secretly felt sorry for those unappreciated workers on the front line of customer services departments up and down the country, having to field angry complaints about colleagues they've never met. 

I've preferred instead to brush off whatever slight - imagined or otherwise - I may have experienced and take my custom elsewhere.

But, faced with the thought that I'm likely condemning myself (and others) to a lifetime of bad service, whilst compromising my mental health, I'm determined to speak up in future. 

Bad service providers beware, I'm joining the ranks of the habitual complainers.