Last August, Christian Benteke, the footballer, took to Twitter, writing in his 'bio' that he had signed for Burnley. Nothing too strange, right? Well, the only problem was that he had actually signed for Crystal Palace, not Burnley.

Luckily, for Benteke, his talent on the pitch far outweighs his social media skills. Yesterday, in another social media howler, the forward took to Twitter, tweeting : "Caption: Great win today, a goal and another year premierleague! Thanks for the amazing..."

Twitter is a minefield for mistakes and it appears that Benteke has fallen prey. But, of course, he is not the only footballer to have succumbed to the need to react within 15 minutes of a match finishing. Last year, Victor Anichebe, the Sunderland player, famously wrote a tweet which started with "can you Tweet something like this...".

Of course, in today's age of instant news, players feel the need to tweet a reaction to the match as soon as possible after the referee has blown his whistle. As we have seen, however, a little patience wouldn't go amiss!