Last week, Thorpe Park announced that it will offer a discount of more than 50% to people aged 18-24 who show they are registered to vote. A PR masterclass. 

A release from the theme park's PR agency, referenced Ipsos Mori research showing that just 43% of people aged under 25 voted in 2015.

Interestingly, FT Data released stats yesterday showing that turnout among 18-24s at the EU referendum fell from 2015 general elections. However, since the snap election was called, 805,000 under 24s have registered to vote. No doubt, PR has greatly enhanced this figure, along with social media campaigns - notable, Grime4Corbyn, the almost paradoxical campaign to reflet Jeremy Corbyn's popularity with grime.

As PR's, we have the opportunity, and duty, to understand our clients. For me, this was a simply executed, yet effective, PR campaign. Whilst so many PR's believe that floating a boat down the river (which, don't get me wrong, was fantastic) is the only way to garner attention, understanding our client's customers, will always be imperative. 

As the General Election creeps up on us, I am certainly excited to see PR doing what it does best. An industry we should all be proud of.