Last week, a group of teenage boys from Exeter hit the news after turning up en masse to school wearing skirts in protest over their school's no-shorts policy in hot weather.

The response was, on the whole, mild amusement - at the idea of schoolboys shaving their legs to make a point, at the small-mindedness of a school objecting to shorts on principle yet sanctioning skirts for boys. Was this really a question of enforcing discipline or had political correctness gone mad? 

The boys themselves described the experience as "quite refreshing" and liberating by all accounts. The school, meanwhile, was forced into an embarrassing about-face, which saw it issue a garbled clarification, committing to reconsider long-term uniform policy "in consultation with parents".

The damage, however, was already done, as the story continued to gain traction with both traditional and social media alike, and Devon county council was even forced to step in to help the school handle enquiries and contain the crisis.   

Fast forward a couple of days, and the boys in skirt media debate becomes men in skirts on the catwalk. As designer Thom Browne said in defence of his SS18 non-binary show, this was about "so much more" than men in skirts...