Out of all the various PR mishaps and self-inflicted communications wounds coming out of the Trump White House, there is one common thing that links them; not staying on message.

Trump’s unofficial communication channels (his Twitter feed and mouth) are often at odds with his communications team’s message. We should all spare a thought for the communications teams who spend weeks carefully crafting a whole narrative, which collapses with one off brand soundbite or tweet from their Commander-in-Chief.

One recent and damming example of this was Trump calling the House version of The American Healthcare Act (his own administration’s healthcare bill) “mean.” This was merely a month after he held a televised Rose Garden press call to celebrate the Act passing through the House. He said he hoped the Senate version wasn’t going to be "mean" like the House version.

The White House communications team set up the televised Rose Garden celebration, lined up all the messaging and went out to the media to sell the House bill after it passed, all to be undone by ‘mean,’ which is how the Democrats described Trump’s healthcare bill.

Remember: stick to your own team and don’t score any goals for the other side.