Giving Tuesday has been going in the UK since 2014, at its simplest, Giving Tuesday is a day to do something good for a charity of your choice, but with so many people spending weekends volunteering, setting up monthly direct debits to charities and even businesses having dedicated volunteering days, do we really need a national day to remind people to give? 

Well the truth is yes. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, consumerism season is upon us: a wonderful time of buying presents and lovely things people have been eyeing up in the shops but also a period we get so caught up in the want of material possessions or wishing we could buy things - we forget what life is all about. 

Giving Tuesday cuts through all of that and reminds us of the concept of giving, not just money or time, but reminding us that there are so many people less fortunate suffering. There are animals and other causes that need awareness and our help. 

Giving Tuesday reminds us to be kind to other people, to think outside of our lives and consider what other people may need that we can help give to them. 

Giving Tuesday gives us all a nudge in the right direction and a bit of a shake up that puts our feet firmly back on the ground to remind us of what's important. 

So what are you giving this Tuesday?  


Image: People all over the world, join hands. (Reuters/Kieran Doherty)